Contrast Matting

Simple Interlocking Tiles:
Light or Dark Colors

  • Home
  • Office
  • Assisted Living
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Schools
  • Community Centers

“Finding my way around the house was a daily challenge as my sight declined. Early on, however, I discovered the helpful tool of color contrast. Using recycled materials, I developed color contrasting pathways with safety ramps to help navigate my way throughout the house, without assistance”.

Tom Norton - Founder, Turtle Plastics

Benefits of Contrast Matting

1. Tiles create a pathway of light.

2. Tiles feel different, so you know where you are.

3. Pathway is sacred space; no obstacles are put in the way.

Contents & Price

Each “Mat in a Box” contains thirty, 12"x12" easy to connect tiles and 34 safety side ramps you will have extra safety ramps with the 3' x 10' option. This is enough to create a 3’ x 10’ or 2' x 15' pathway, when assembled. The tiles are constructed of durable and washable 3/4 inch thick plastic. Regular price is $299, right now our June special price is $149 that's a $150 savings. Pre-assembled 3' x 10' or 2' x 15' pathway add $59.